Being an international company, we are fully aware that it is only by building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers as well as by implementing a sustainable approach that we can make our company successful. The relationships are based on provision of highest quality products and continuous improvement of our customers’ satisfaction related to our care for the natural environment. In order to achieve the targets, we have implemented the following measures in our company:

Poland Tokai Okaya Manufacturing’s energy strategy for the years 2017-2027.

  •  2011, June – obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate
  • 2017, 2021energy audits
  • Reduction of electricity consumption:
    taking 2018 as the base year,
    – 2018- 3501MWh
    – 2019- 3295MWh (consumption -6.25%, with a 10.42% increase in sales)
    – 2020- 3164MWh (consumption -10.65%, with a 24.44% increase in sales)
    – 2021- 3400MWh (consumption -2.97%, with a 46.97% increase in sales)
    – 2022- 3466MWh (consumption -1%, with a 105.34% increase in sales)
  •  Reduction of losses related to the consumption of reactive energy, network losses related to the transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas
  • Continuous Improvement – optimization of transport, deliveries, processes in terms of reducing energy consumption
  • Replacing the lighting with LED
    – 2019- I hall
    – 2020- 2nd hall
    – 2022- outdoor area
  • 2021, November – installation of the photovoltaic system
  • 2022, January – calculation of the carbon footprint
  • 2022, March – installation of an energy recovery system from compressors/compressed air installation
  • 2023, January – switching to an energy supplier offering a certificate from the Register of Guarantees of Origin, which confirms that the amount of electricity generated by our company was produced in environmentally friendly sources.
  • 2023, Septemberreplacement of energy-intensive heating devices with gas-heated water ones