PTO providing its customers with a high level of quality, has prepared a research and measurement facility. The laboratory is available in a form of an additional service. The following processes are within our competence:

Size control

is carried out using a Carl Zeiss 3D measuring machine. The machine allows scanning of elements in all angular positions by means of a scanning head mounted on an indexed pivot point. measuring range: X = 1000 mm, Y = 1200 mm, Z = 600 mm CALYPSO software.

Carl Zeiss 3D allows us to quickly check deviations from the desired shape with high quality results. Changes in processes can be detected well in advance, which ensures a higher quality of production, and thus minimization of the number of rejects. Details regarding the scope and capabilities of our laboratory are available on request.

Measurement of bends and surfaces

Our ROMER Absolute measuring Arm with an external scanner is one of the most advanced modular scanning platforms. The ROMER Absolute Arm guarantees the highest performance, even on difficult surfaces and parts made of the most demanding materials. “Recognition” of the material is not necessary since the automatic control of the scanner power automatically adapts to the surface conditions. Measuring range: X, Y, Z = 2500 mm

Testing of undesired chemical compounds

These tests are performed using well-know SHIMADZU spectrometers.

SHIMADZU UVmini 1240:enables the recording of the full spectrum in the range from 190 nm to 1100 nm, which allows us to determine almost every element and chemical compound . After completing the spectral scan, peaks and minima are determined in a few seconds. The standard peak detection function allows unambiguous and accurate detection of the most important wavelengths.

SHIMADZU X-RAY EDX 720: is a supplement for SHIMADZ UVmini 1240 as it enables the additional detection of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), compounds hazardous to the environment.


Our laboratory is also equipped with tools for determining the strength of materials, testing welds or for performing other standard measurements of weight, length, etc. For the automotive sector we use special testing equipment.