About the company

Poland Tokai Okaya company operates in the electromechanical industry, supplying high quality stamped metal parts – subassemblies for the automotive industry, household appliances, elements of bathroom fittings, and construction parts. The components offered by PTO are characterized by high quality, technological innovation and special attention to detail. The company has a modern machinery park, which includes, among others: specialized production lines for large and complex metal components, hydraulic presses capable of up to 500 T of pressure, progressive presses, spot and projection welding machines, as well as modern design station equipped with CAD programs, integrated with the toop shop CAM modules based on three-dimensional modeling.

Our successive development on such a competitive market should be the best recommendation for our clients as it indicates certainty and cooperation stability. In addition, the Poland Tokai company is a member of the Okaya group – one of the oldest corporations operating in the world. Membership in the international group provides us with access to the latest technologies, research and materials used in the most technologically advanced pressing facilities in Japan.