We offer our clients cleaning off oil from the parts. Our company has a washing machine using Takahashi’s technology, a japanese approach to the subject, which uses only purified water with different ionization.

In the cleaning process we do not use any detergents, we use the principle of ionization or deionization of water and elevated temperature. Part transported on the conveyor is moved along the machine passing the individual stages.

First, we clean using tap water (strong stream), then with ionized and deionized water. Water at this stage is filtered – separated from the oil. At the end, the parts are dried with very hot air that literally blows out the rest of the drops.

Both the washing and drying process takes place at high temperatures, on average: 60, 55, 55 and 125.

What is ionization? Ionized water is water subjected to a process called ionization. Essentially, the ionization process involves separating the positive and negative ions from the H2O molecule. The division is made possible by subjecting the water to electrolysis.