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Poland Tokai Okaya Manufacturing Sp. z o.o.

Ostaszewo 57G,
87-148 Łysomice

tel (+48) 56 652 46 00
fax (+48) 56 652 46 20

Jak do nas dojechać?

The operations of Poland Tokai Okaya Manufacturing focus primarily on production of pressed components of varied complexity. A comprehensive stock of modern presses makes it possible for the company to produce items of a broad range of dimensions, thickness and shapes, all undergoing strict assessment and control. The comprehensive stock of machine tools combined with knowledge and skills give us the ability to successfully deal with most of our client’s issues.

The elements offered by PTO are distinguished by high-quality workmanship, innovative technology and meticulously refined details. The company has a modern stock of machine tools, including facilities such as specialized production lines for large and complicated metals elements, hydraulic presses of the tonnage of up to 500t, progressive presses, spot projection welders. We also have modern designing stations equipped with CAD programs, integrated with CAM modules of the tool shop based on 3D modelling.

Name Max. capacity/month:
Transfer lines:
1450 t (6 presses)
250 000
1950 t (7 presses)
250 000
Large progressive presses:
600 t
1 000 000
500 t
1 000 000
Hydraulic press:
500 t hydraulic press
100 000
250 t hydraulic press
100 000
Small progressive presses:
200 t large bed
100 000
200 t
100 000
3.300 t
100 000
160 t
145 000
160 t
200 000
150 t
200 000


Other equipment:
  1. tapping machines x6
  2. washing machines x2
  3. project welding machines x2
  4. arc welding robot x1
  5. assembling area
  6. overpring


Our tool-related services include production of tools, processing of parts for production instruments, stamping dies and blanking dies for sheet plastic forming. Our offer also includes machining, plastic working, and electromachining. Our tool worshop has its own design and technological office facilities equipped with CAD programs integrated with CAM modules of the tool shop and operating in 3D environment. Our clients are also provided with tool servicing.


The company has modern equipment, features such machines as laser cutting machines for sheet metal, pipes and profiles, CNC machining centres, CNC sheet metal bending machinesand modern design stations equipped with specialized software tools (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and others).